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COSMOPOLITE :  Your partner for all your customs operations :

COSMOPOLITE : Your Customs Agent!

COSMOPOLITE is able to ensure quality customs clearance in many French and Belgian customs offices:

From our Belgian office, we can:

From our other French offices, we can:

What about your petroleum products?

For your petroleum products, you can work in direct delivery; goods loaded in an EU country are delivered throughout the France with an AED document directly without customs stops.

We then regularize the rights and declaration of TIRIB in a single centralized point in France (Dunkerque).

Once again, it is essential to take into account all data when it comes to organizing logistics flows.

Not having the right EORI codes, not applying the right procedures can have serious consequences.

Cosmopolite, with its many years of experience, is able to advise you on the best options to manage your customs clearance operations.

Our teams are at your disposal to guide you to the best options for your business.

COSMOPOLITE will help you obtain your EORI number needed for your customs clearance operations.

Cosmopolite is also a specialist in aircraft customs clearance:

Whether your need is for an airplane or a helicopter, we can:

  1. Before your departure from or to abroad, prepare the operations (receipt of documents, contact with Customs and the airport)
  2. Prior to landing at the customs clearance location : pre-registration of customs declarations and appointment with the customs department for a possible inspection of the machine
  3. Welcome you to your choice on sites : LFQQ (Lille Lesquin- France) or EBCI (Charleroi-Belgium), EGJB (Guernsey – United Kingdom)
  4. Carry out customs import or export formalities online thanks to our connection with Customs’ IT

The average waiting time is 15 minutes per customs clearance ! (Excluding visits by the Customs Administration)

  1. Immediate delivery of documents that would have to be presented later in the event of an inspection by Customs.
  2. Personalized support taking into account the expectations of the crew (refueling, catering, flight plan, weather, etc.)

We focus on imports of aircraft and helicopters on behalf of owners and operators flying within the EU and strive to waste as little time as possible…

COSMOPOLITE will help you obtain your EORI number needed for your customs clearance operations.

Contact us : +33.366.49.00.05 or +33.642.97.19 .18 or

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